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About Gerd and his Box

Gerd just hat a great idea – simple, uncomplicated but yet again absolutely safe.

GerdBox® combines proven safe technology with digitisation. What does that mean? In principle, GerdBox® functions like a normal safe: this technology has been put to the test for years and guarantees the highest security. And today Gerd adds an unbeatable advantage: now you can easily carry along this safe to secure your most precious belongings. No matter where: at the beach, camping, in your car or at home.

Should anybody try to steel your GerdBox®, come summer 2019, Gerd will be able to track your box using GPRS-Technology. In fact, you can track your box yourself using the easy to use App.


The idea


When these pictures where taken, the owners of the GerdBox® just enjoyed a good cocktail, had some fun with the kids in the water, took a little walk on the beach and closed their eyes for a second – completely without being worried about their belongings.

Gerd was watching them!



Every GerdBox has a built-in bluetooth module with the accompanying app. This module allows the GerdBox® to communicate with mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, watch), change settings and much more. The App can be used on Android and iOS.

  • GerdBox® can be opened and closed using your app
  • GerdBox® can send an alarm via your smartphone during an emergency
  • You can track any movement your GerdBox® made
  • Using modern GPRS-technology, you can track your GerdBox® (summer 2019)
  • The touch display can show missed or incoming calls
  • You can connect GerdBox® with your home alarm system
  • When the battery of your GerdBox® runs low, it will inform you
  • GerdBox® is waterproof and floats